5 Places You Can See at Kompong Phluk

Kompong Phluk is one of the most interesting places to see a beautiful sunset on the Tonle Sap lake. It is located on the Southeast side of Siem Reap town, just 45 minutes’ drive to get there seeing an authentic village that most of the residents who live there by fishing, growing crops, and services providing to tourists for years. It is known for a huge area of freshwater fish production like a fish paste (Pro Huk), fermented fishes, smoked fish, salty fish, and dries shrimp seasonally. Therefore, going there surely give you a magical feeling for sunset, tasting local dishes, and some other spectacular spots to see along with the ways:

Rice Paddies Field

Rice is known for Cambodia main meal and other Asia nations since the previous time. Therefore, for those who live near the lake give them the opportunity to grow crops pretty much advantage almost a year-round. Rice is one of the main careers most people do when they live in this area, besides going fishing. After the water from the lake flowing back, the soil fills well fertilized by the natural discompose, so people start to grow some crops in their areas that support their daily consumption during the dried season from November-May. Rice crops are really important for people there because in six months dried, they would get rice harvested one or two a year depending on which type they grow. And those rice will be kept for eating while the rainy season comes in June-October. The green landscape along the bluesy sky sealing up all over the fields at The beginning of November will give you an unforgettable moment.

Floating Village

An amazement sight of high wooden houses arrangement along the side of the red road, with more than 3000 residents who live there since the Khmer Rouge period and a majority, Cambodian. During the day, some of them drive a boat for tourists, later on, they will go fishing. The way lives for the people there don’t get well providing public service much, but they satisfy to live by a significant amount of fishes that keep them living there for years. Seeing kids run around happily and joyful in a primary school will remain you of your childhood. Don’t feel bad! if you see that area quite dusty when you visit in the dried season because that how you will find the unique or different live all over the world and you should better feel a worthy experience.

Floating Forest

A long-standing of 6000 hectares of mangrove that really attracted to hundred types of spices like fishes and freshwater birds. There is the only safe home for all of that Eco diversity especially during the rainy season especially when fishes lay eggs, they need a safer place. A local boat rental which puddles by a local woman will take you into that mangrove to see the beautiful areas and living diversity shelters. The mangrove is carefully looking after by conservation teams who keep the eyes with these natural resources in order to prevent them from cutting by some greedy people especially in the dried season for agriculture.

Delicious Local Dishes on Floating Restaurant

Many delicious dishes with a variety of meats to choose like fish, chicken, pork, beef, and crocodile are waiting for you to try. If you dare to try, fried ginger with a crocodile is one of the popular dishes and fish sour soup. Not only the foods are really good, but also pretty friendly services. Each dish costs around 5$ and serves with jasmine rice. You better try the mixture of tropical fruits shake which very tasting and it gives you a fresh taste while in the warm temperature. There is a cocktail serving while you are watching the sunset as well. And don’t get shocked when you see the crocodiles, bunny, and cobras raising there for the tourist.

Beautiful Sunset

With many insights from one to another which is not far to go, reaching a few floating restaurants there, welcome all the visitors locally and internationally. Hoping up to the roof of the restaurant, sit down to feel the nature combining. Soon a magical moment comes, when you are seeing the sun reflecting in the water, feeling a way of life on the water and all the nature that lives around this area that can be explored such as various bird species. Having a red wine or beer with a snack will be a perfect combination of your special time there. And if you want to get all of the d set for your trip, you can choose a Tours by Jeeps which is giving you the best experience.

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