Watch the Sunset at Phnom Bakheng Temple

The Angkor temples have particularly captivated the most remarkable place in Cambodia. In that jungle temple, you can experience very magical moments, such as watching the sunset in Angkor complex from Phnom Bakheng.

Phnom Bakheng is the place from which you can witness the sunset, from the top you can see the Angkor Wat temple in the middle of the jungle. It is the perfect place to see the sunset, this represents a great increase in the influx of tourists.

Phnom Bakheng sunsetPhnom Bakheng is located south of Angkor Thom and very close to Angkor Wat. As with the rest of the temples, it can be visited from sunrise to sunset and with the general entrance to the Angkor complex.

The great advantage of Phnom Bakheng is that it is located on a hill that rises almost 70 meters above the plain where the rest of the temples are located, which gives it magnificent views of Angkor.

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Phnom Bakheng sunset tourPhnom Bakheng is consecrated to the Hindu god Shiva and has an architectural peculiarity compared to its beautiful neighbors, since it has the first mountain-temples in the region. These constructions date from the 9th century and are inspired by Mount Meru.

The complex is very spectacular, especially the lion sculptures and the classic Apsara pillars and also the statues that can be seen throughout the Angkor complex.

However, from Phnom Bakheng we would like to highlight the spectacular views that the hill provides us. To climb to the top we can use the stone steps on the eastern slope, or the southern slope that is much safer and more comfortable.

If you have several days in Siem Reap, we recommend that one afternoon you go up this hill to see the sunset at Phnom Bakheng.

Phnom Bakheng sunset spotsTips to Visit!

At Phnom Bakheng, only 300 people are allowed to climb to the top. At the entrance, there are staff in charge of controlling the number of tourists that go up and down in the temple. Giving each person an accreditation that is returned when lowering.

Therefore, if you want to see the sunset, do not leave it for the last moment or you will not be able to go up to see it. There are tourists who stay at the top for more than an hour waiting to see the magnificent sunset.

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