When the best time to visit Cambodia?

Cambodia is a really fantastic country full of exciting experiences. From Angkor Wat temple complex, characteristic cities such as the picturesque Siem Reap and the lively Phon Penh, green landscapes with mountains and jungles, a portion of fantastic food and culture, the Mekong River, the rice terraces, chalk-white beaches and crystal clear sea are just some of the things that you will discover a trip to Cambodia. But when is the best time to visit Cambodia?

Read more about it here and find out when to go to Cambodia:

The climate in Cambodia is a magical destination all year round. The country is located in the tropical climate zone. You can therefore expect warm temperatures that do not fluctuate much over the course of the year. The climate in the country is characterized by the tropical monsoons, which divide the seasons in Cambodia into a dry season and a rainy season.

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The dry season: October – April

The dry season in Cambodia is from October to April. During this period, Cambodia has the most visitors – and not without reason. The dry season is characterized by long periods of sun, pleasantly warm temperatures and warm wind. Inland it is relatively dry, but it can rain in between.

April is usually the hottest month of the year. There are always many exciting things to do in Cambodia but in the dry season, a beach holiday in Shinanukville is one of the coastal cities and on a tropical island of Cambodia is particularly recommended.

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The rainy season: May – October

The rainy season in Cambodia is from May to October.  Around 75% of the annual rainfall in Cambodia falls during the rainy season. It doesn’t rain that much in the first few months of the rainy season.

In the course of the rainy season, the rainfall increases. The temperatures are still warm. This time is also suitable for a fantastic holiday in which you return home with many memories. For example, how nature begins to bloom and turn green and make unforgettable experiences at the sights of Cambodia that are less-visited during this time.

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